Conzatti’s Italian Market is your place to shop for the finest quality and fresh cuts of meats. With an experienced butcher on hand, they can help you pick out the perfect meat to complete your meal or barbecue!

Conzatti’s Italian Market is a proud member of the Pennsylvania beef council.

The PA Beef Council is a nonprofit organization working on behalf of 25,000 beef, dairy and veal producers in PA through The Beef Checkoff.

The Council seeks to promote the beef industry in Pennsylvania and educate consumers through a variety of programs and resources including:

  • Nutrition Research
  • Nutrition Education
  • Student Education
  • Beef Safety Research
  • Beef Quality Assurance Programs
  • Meat Marketing Management
  • Retail, Foodservice, and Consumer Promotions
  • Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Programs

Best Sellers

  • Our famous breaded stuffing pork chops and chicken breasts or thighs
  • Uncle John’s famous Italian sausages
  • Ground beef – absolutely the best in the region!
  • Fresh cuts of veal